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In this range repair guide you will find information that will guide you in oven repair and cooktop repair. Notice I didn’t say range repair this is because when you are working on a range you treat the oven and cooktop separately. There is little to no difference between the procedures for repairing an oven in a range than for repairing a built in oven. This goes for the procedures for repairing a cooktop on a range or just a built in cooktop as well. Also the procedure for repairing cooktops, ranges and built in ovens are to a certain extent the same no matter what brand you have. This is not to say that the parts are interchangeable you must still order parts for your specific model.

It’s easy! Just find the model number of the appliance you are working on. Next, type it in to the model number box and it will take you to an illustrated parts diagram for your appliance. Then just simply choose the part you need from the diagram.

From time to time through out this range repair guide you will be ask to use an ohmmeter. If you need help on using an ohmmeter click here to better understand ohmmeters. If you don’t have an ohmmeter don’t worry many repairs can be done without the use of an ohmmeter. But if you should need one you can pick up one cheap at places like Wal-Mart. Below are links choose the one that best describes your repair needs.

GE ovens have fault codes sometimes called function error codes or F codes as a part of a self-diagnosing system. If a problem is detected by the self-diagnosing system a fault code will appear in the digital display of your oven along with an annoying beep. Click on fault codes for a full list of codes and to learn on how to repair this problem.

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Microwave Repair Guide


Microwave repair can be dangerous! You must unplug the microwave before attempting to repair it because they use very high voltage on certain internal parts. After the microwave is unplugged you must also discharge the capacitor before servicing because the high voltage that the microwave operates on is stored in the capacitor. To manually discharge the capacitor, place an insulted handle screwdriver between the diode connection of the capacitor and ground. It should discharge itself but always discharge it manually!

This section of the range repair guide is for microwaves. This microwave repair guide will guide you in repairing microwaves and explain how microwaves work. This guide covers anything from microwave turntable repair to microwave magnetron replacement. Microwaves have gotten so cheap over the last few years most people say, “Lets just buy a new one.” However, this may be a mistake because it can be something as simple as a fuse and if you do-it-yourself you can make the repair for just a few dollars. On the other hand it can be as complicated as replacing a magnetron tube. In any case, this repair guide will help you save money on repair bills.

There are two types of microwaves and they are the over the range models and the countertop models. Over the range models as the name suggest hang on the cabinet over the range. Counter top models sit on the countertop or can be built-into the cabinet if a trim kit is purchased for the microwave. Countertop models are relatively cheap and you should take this into consideration when thinking about buying an expensive part for a repair. However, if your countertop microwave is built-in you may consider spending some money for a repair because the trim kits are expensive (in some cases more than the microwave) and it is highly unlikely your old trim will work with a new microwave. So rather than having to replace the trim and the microwave, most of the time you are better off making the repair. Over the range models are more expensive and often you are better off repairing than replacing.

This page covers common problems that apply to all microwave repair as well as very specific problems. Select the page below that best fits your microwave repair needs.

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