GE Refrigerator Repair Guide

This GE refrigerator repair guide will help you repair GE electronic refrigerator models made after the year 2002. This includes GE profile refrigerators as well as Hotpoint refrigerator models. GE refrigerator repair is very different from other models since they came out with the electronic models. These models use main boards to control every function of the refrigerator from defrost to fan motor operation. Before the electronic models came out, defrost was controlled by a timer, which would force a defrost cycle every 6-15 hours (depending on the model). Most of the time it is unnecessary for a refrigerator to have a defrost cycle this often and since the defrost cycle burns a lot more electricity than the cooling cycle, it is more efficient to only have a defrost cycle when it needs one. This is called adaptive defrost and is one of the biggest changes with these models.

How To Tell If Your Refrigerator Is a GE Electronic Refrigerator

The links on this page are specifically for GE electronic models so it is important that you know your refrigerator is an electronic model. Not all models that GE makes are these models so you need to be sure before you are led down the wrong path. All side-by-side models made after 2002 (some were made as early as 2000) are electronic models. While most of GE’s top-mount refrigerators retained the older refrigerator design some top-mount models are electronic. Although there are exceptions, most bottom-mount models are electronic.

However, the only way to know for sure is to pull the refrigerator out and look for the main board. All GE electronic models mentioned on the links below have the main board pictured. It will be located behind a cover on the back of the refrigerator. These are pages that I have written about GE refrigerator Repair for GE electronic models.

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Electronic Board Repair

GE Climate Keeper Dual Evaporator Repair

These days efficiency is a top priority when designing appliances and GE electronic refrigerators are no different. Back when these models first came out the goal was to make the refrigerator more efficient, which was largely (but not limited to) achieved by adaptive defrost but then they took it a step further with the climate keeper dual evaporator models. Unlike other models that use one evaporator these models (as the name suggest) use two. Some models go even further with the introduction of variable speed compressors. These compressors vary in speed depending on the cooling needs of the refrigerator. This type of compressor puts out very little heat and burns very little energy. The pages below are specifically for GE refrigerator repair on Climate keeper dual evaporator refrigerators.

GE ClimateKeeper Dual Evaporator Freezer Not Freezing

GE ClimateKeeper Dual Evaporator Fresh Food Not Cooling

GE ClimateKeeper Dual Evaporator Refrigerator Not Cooling

(neither the fresh food or the freezer sections cooling)

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