Refrigerator Repair Guide

This refrigerator repair guide will walk you through many common problems with refrigerators On the next few pages you will find information that will guide you on repairing refrigerators and icemakers. If you want to know how to repair a refrigerator you’ve come to the right website.

Refrigerator repair is generally the same no matter if you have a GE refrigerator, Hotpoint refrigerator, Whirlpool refrigerator; they’re all pretty much the same. Things like location of parts such as defrost control or cold control vary with every model, but the procedure for repair is pretty consistent throughout most brands. This is not to say that the parts are interchangeable, you must still order parts for your specific model.

If you need a part You can enter your model number or part number here to search the part you need.

The most important thing to know when repairing a refrigerator is the exact problem it has. Below is a list of links that describe common problems that refrigerators have. First, and this is very important, check your refrigerator and find its exact problem and then click on the link that best describes its problem. If you chose the wrong one it will lead you in the wrong path and you will be checking parts unnecessarily. However, don’t worry if you chose the wrong one you can always come back and start over.

Refrigerator Cooling Issues

These are links to pages that help with refrigerator temperature issues.

How To Repair A Refrigerator

Fresh food not cooling/Refrigerator Not Cooling

Refrigerator Defrost Problem Diagnostics

Freezer and fresh food not cooling/ Refrigerator Not Running

Refrigerator runs continuously

General Refrigerator Repair

Reading A Wiring Diagram For Appliance Repair

Appliance Parts installation Tips

How Refrigerators Work

Yearly Refrigerator Maintenance

Garage Refrigerator Problems

FAQ About Refrigerators

Refrigerator Door Repair Guide

Noisy refrigerator

Ice building up in freezer

Leaking Refrigerator

Refrigerator Drain Clogged Causes Leaking Refrigerators

Electronic Board Repair

Freezer Repair

Upright Frost-Free Freezers Repair

Manual Defrost Freezer Repair

Icemaker and Ice Dispenser Repair

jumping icemakers

Whirlpool Icemaker Repair

GE Icemaker Repair

Advanced GE Icemaker Repair

(for GE mechanical icemakers)

Icemaker repair

Icemaker Installation

Ice Dispenser Repair

Ice Dispenser Repair For GE Refrigerators

Images and Descriptions of Icemaker Kits

Refrigerator water dispenser repair

GE refrigerator repair

For GE’s electronic refrigerator made after 2002. Including top-freezers, bottom-freezers, and side-by-side models.

As stated above, refrigerator repair is generally the same no matter if you have a GE refrigerator, Hotpoint refrigerator, Whirlpool refrigerator; they’re all pretty much the same. But GE came out with the new side-by-side refrigerator in 2002 and it was very unique. Although the basic refrigerator concept was still in tact, the operating characteristics were very different from what I was use to. Adaptive defrost was one of the changes they made. Adaptive defrost adjusts the time between defrost cycles according to how many times your family opens the door and how long the door is opened. Before, refrigerators just had a mechanical timer that would turn on the defrost cycle at a set time. Another major change was that these refrigerators use a main control board to control every thing. They also started using thermistors rather than cold controls. Along with these changes came a few unique problems, which is why I have written separate articles about GE side-by-side refrigerators made after 2002.

GE Refrigerator Repair

Common Motherboard Problems GE refrigerators

GE Refrigerator Not cooling

GE Refrigerator Fan Motor Diagnostics

GE Refrigerator Freezing Food In Fresh Food Section

GE Refrigerator Not Running

Refrigerator Defrost Problem Diagnostics

How To Test A GE Refrigerator Thermistor

GE Refrigerator Not Dispensing Water

GE Refrigerator Parts (2002 or newer side-by-side)

The following are refrigerator repair pages for GE side-by-side refrigerators with the dual evaporator system.

GE ClimateKeeper Dual Evaporator Freezer Not Freezing

GE ClimateKeeper Dual Evaporator Fresh Food Not Cooling

GE ClimateKeeper Dual Evaporator Refrigerator Not Cooling

(neither the fresh food or the freezer sections cooling) is a free service but it cost to keep it up and running. Donate to let this website help you next time!

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