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Need oven repair help? Fortunately for you this repair guide can walk you through the steps it takes in repairing your oven. These are the same steps I take when repairing appliances professionally. So if you follow these steps your problem will be solved in no time. Take the time to read each section carefully until your oven is repaired.

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Please note that this oven repair section applies to bake and the broil units. First, disconnect power to unit, then look at the element to see if it’s burnt out, if so, replace it.

Disconnect power to range before checking or replacing an oven element.

If not pull out your range/oven and remove the back. Once you have the back off, you can see the wire connections.

You should inspect for loose or broken wires. If the wires are loose, make necessary repairs. If they aren’t, check the bake unit. To do this, disconnect the wires from the unit. Now take your ohmmeter and check to see if you have continuity between the contacts. If you don’t, the unit is bad and you need to replace it. Bake and broil units can be purchased at AppliancePartsPros.com. If you do have continuity, the unit is ok and the problem is elsewhere. If it’s not the unit or the wiring, it’s the controls. Now since every model varies, I can only give you hints. If your oven has an electronic control first check the sensor (I describe how to do this in the next section). If the sensor checks ok replace the control. If your oven has mechanical switches and it has only have one control for bake, broil and temperature replace it. If it’s two, then you have to figure out which one to replace and since every model is wired different, either replace both or call a repairman. These parts can be purchased at AppliancePartsPros.com.


This section of the oven repair guide will walk you through steps you take if the oven is heating some but not enough.  

Turn the oven to bake. If only the broil gets hot then follow steps above to check the bake unit. If both get hot but wont reach desired temperature, the problem is most likely in the thermostat. If you do not have a digital clock that controls your oven then replace your thermostat.

If you have an old oven then it may just be out of calibration. To calibrate an oven thermostat first you’ll need a thermometer that you can place inside the oven. Now set the oven to bake at 350 degrees. Wait until the oven is preheated and note the temperature inside the oven. Now take the oven knob off be sure not to rotate the knob when pulling it off. Next look behind the knob there will be an adjustment (provided it is old enough). Adjust the knob so that when you reinstall it, it will be pointed to the actual temperature indicated by the thermometer you placed inside the oven. If done correctly the oven is now calibrated.

If you have an electronic control, your problem is either in the control or the sensor. The sensor is a prong in your oven that tells the control the temperature in the oven. Now to check this first disconnect power to unit. Then get to the back of the range and remove the back cover. You should see two small wires coming from the sensor unplug them. Note that the sensor is a thermistor. This means that it is a variable resistor that varies with temperature. So in before you perform this test be sure the sensor is at room temperature. Now take your ohmmeter and put it between the two wires going to the sensor and it should read around 1000-1100 ohms. If not within range, replace the sensor. If it is in range, replace the control. These parts can be purchased at AppliancePartsPros.com.


This section of the oven repair guide will walk you through steps you take if the oven is heating too much.  

If the oven heats too much, the problem is most likely in the thermostat or the controls. I just covered how to check the thermostat above, so follow those steps to find your problem. It also may be out of calibration, which I describe how to check in the section above. Parts for ovens can be purchased at AppliancePartsPros.com.

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