GE Spacesaver Microwave Handle Replacement

Replacing a handle on a GE Spacesaver microwave is very simple on some models and somewhat difficult on others but with the help of this page it is easy. On some models you simply remove the screws on the opposite side of the door from the handle and the handle is off. Unfortunately, some models require a little more work. Follow the steps below for Spacesaver microwave handle replacement. Note it is best if you have the new handle ready before you attempt to disassemble the door. You will have to order the handle by model number.

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1. First look on the opposite side of the door and if you see two screws remove them and the handle will come right off. On some models you will see one screw remove it and continue reading.

2. If you don’t see the screws you will have to remove the inner doorframe trim as shown below by gently prizing out on it all the way around the door. Remember, you are dealing with plastic, very strong plastic, but if you prize too hard it will break.

3. Once the inner doorframe is removed you should see two screws, remove them. On some GE microwave models, once you remove the screws the handle will come right off. If the handle doesn’t come off after you remove the screws continue reading.

4. If removing the two screws behind the inner doorframe doesn’t allow you to remove the handle you will have to separate the door. To do this gently prize the metal frame away from the plastic frame that holds the outer door glass in place. Note you are dealing with plastic, very strong plastic, but if you prize too hard it will break. Don’t force it; just keep working it until the door is separated as shown below. You do not have to totally remove the metal frame just separate it enough to get your screwdriver in.

5. Once the door is separated remove the two screws and the handle should come off.

Note that you should be aware that once you separate the inner door-frame from the front glass, the front glass might fall off. So to prevent this make sure you hold on to it or go ahead and completely separate them.

I hope this page helps you replace the handle on your GE Spacesaver microwave.

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