Common Microwave Parts

These are images and descriptions of microwave parts that I describe in my microwave repair guide. Use this page to help identify and replace microwave parts.

Warning! Microwave repair can be dangerous! You must unplug the microwave before attempting to repair it because they use very high voltage on certain internal parts. Failure to do so can result in injury or death.

There are two basic kinds of microwaves: countertop microwaves and over-the-range microwaves. Countertop microwaves are not very expensive, so they may not be worth fixing unless you are a do-it-yourselfer and want to save the repair bill. With the help of my microwave repair guide, you can! Over-the-range microwaves can be a bit more expensive, but you still don’t want to pay the high repair bills on something that you can easily do yourself. Microwaves have become such a valuable household necessity that people don’t realize their worth until it stops working properly.

Magnetron Tube

The magnetron tube produces radio waves that excite the molecules inside the food causing friction. The friction will cause the food to heat up. There are many different magnetron tubes and should be ordered by model number.

Magnetron tubes can be purchased at If you need to replace a magnetron tube on a GE spacesaver microwave this page will help GE spacesaver microwave magnetron replacement


The diode is a device that allows electricity to flow in only one direction, converting the alternating current from your house wiring to direct current. Magnetron tubes use direct current. So if the diode is not working properly the magnetron tube cannot function. The part number for a diode that will fit most microwaves is B838101. Order Here


All microwaves have a fuse to protect against fire in the event of a short. Some microwaves use 20-amp fuses – part number M0805101. Most microwaves use a 15-amp fuse – part number WB27X7. Order Here.

Door Switch

The door switch cuts off the microwave when you open the door. Most microwaves have three door switches. The part number for a door switch that will work on most microwaves is WB24X829. Order Here.


A capacitor is a device that stores electricity much like a battery but can be charged and discharged much quicker. Electricity entering your house is called alternating current. Alternating current flows one way for 1/60 of a second then the other way for 1/60 of a second. Microwaves have diodes that only allow current to flow one way. This means that there will only be current flow for half of the time. For the time that the current is not flowing, the magnetron tube will receive current from the capacitor. There are lots of capacitors so it is best if ordered by model number. Capacitors can be purchased at


The transformer transforms 120 volts from your house wiring to somewhere around 5000 volts. This is why repairing microwaves can be dangerous so be sure to unplug it before servicing. There are many different transformers so order by model number. Transformers can be purchased at or you can browse Hi Voltage Transformers Here

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