Washer will leave cloths dripping wet after spin cycle.

by Brian

Have a whirlpool washer, and when you take cloths out they are dripping wet. any body have a suggestion what it might be. I'm thinking that it dosen't spin fast enough.

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Hi Brian,

There are two things that commonly cause this problem and they are the coupling and the clutch.

If the washer weren’t spinning at all the coupling would be the first thing I would check. Note that if the coupling is bad it will not agitate or spin.

If it spins slowly or will agitate but not spin then the clutch is most likely the problem.

These pages will help

Whirlpool Washer Won’t Spin

Whirlpool Washer Won’t Spin Or Agitate

Note that I am assuming that you have a Whirlpool direct drive washer, which is the most common top loading washer that Whirlpool has. If this is not the case I will need the model number to help.

Thank you,

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Apr 25, 2013
Why my washer leaves clothes dripping wet.
by: Anonymous

I notice mine does it when I have too many clothes in it, or like heavy towels.

Jan 09, 2018
GE Hydrowave Washer
by: CLE216


My GE Hydrowave washer (GTWN4450M1WS), will not spin fast at the end of the cycle, no matter what wash mode is selected on the dials. It will get up to speed during the rinse cycle(s) only.

Red light motor, no error codes. Reset the motor by disconnecting power then lifting lid 6 times etc.

Field Service Mode; lights on/off as they should be. Position 10, the tub spins at both speeds!

The shaft assembly checks out too. Basket does not move while washing and shifts into position as needed.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.


If I am reading this right it will spin fast in rinse and in the service mode. If this is the case we know the motor will run full speed if the control "tells" it to. Therefore I would say the control is bad.

Thank you,

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