intermitent grinding noise on agitation cycle

by John
(West Hartford CT)


I wrote yesterday regarding the noisy washer. I removed the front cover in an attempt to lube the cups as you suggested. After removing the front I saw piles of metal filings on the bottom of the washer. I started a load to see if I could see if something was scraping. The best I can describe it is the large metal pulley that the "v" belt spins on is moving across, intermittently, the top of a metal rivet or bolt that is fasten to the bottom of the washer on the right side. The washer appears to otherwise function properly. I did, in my research, read about faulty aprons that can't support the tub in GE Hydrowave washers. I'm not sure that this is the problem because the washer is not that old and we do not do that many loads a week. I did notice that the tub is tilting slightly to the right, which is the side of the pulley that is scraping against the bottom of the washer. The dampening straps and suspension rods all appear to be functioning. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi John,

I am sorry when I looked your model number up yesterday it showed up as one of the older GE models. Looking at your pictures it is oblivious it is newer than what I was thinking. Sorry about the misunderstanding because if I had seen the correct parts breakdown I would have pointed you to this. You gave me the correct model number it is just when I looked it up they didn’t have yours listed so I looked at the closest match.

This is the sagging apron problem you researched on. I wrote an article on this problem on this website. Here is the link

GE HydroWave Washer Noisy
Scroll down to the sagging apron section.

This is a design flaw, and almost every model made in this time frame did this. The apron will sag down to the point that the bracket on the motor will hit the bottom of the washer.

If you call GE and tell them you have the sagging apron issue they may send you the part. The part number is WH49X10065.
You don’t have to worry about lubing the suspension cups.

Thank you,

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Jan 24, 2011
by: John

I made the call to GE. Part is on the way. Thank you for your time.

Dec 24, 2012
Sagging Apron
by: Shawn

I ordered the sagging apron replacement because I thought I had the same issue. Once I removed the front panel and top off my washer, I realized my top apron is a 1 piece design. The shipping brackets are rubbing on the bottom of the washer. What should I look into next. My washer is a WDSR2080G2WW. I ordered replacement part WH49x10065. This part is apparently for a washer with seperate front and rear apron washing machines.

Dec 24, 2012
by: Shawn/admin

I have never seen one with the one-piece apron do this. If it is a bent apron I don’t think this part is available. Look to see if all four-suspension rods are in place.

Dec 25, 2012
by: Anonymous

Thanks for responding. All rods are in place. I though about bending the shipping brackets out to keep them from scraping. I figured this would probaby just be a temporary fix though. I wonder if the springs in the rods are worn?

Dec 26, 2012
by: Shawn/admin

I wouldn’t hesitate to bend the shipping brackets even if it ends up being a temporary fix. I wouldn’t rule out the springs being worn but I was thinking that even if the springs were compressed completely it shouldn’t hit but I am not 100% sure about that.

With the tub empty open the lid and press down on the tube to see if the springs seem weak. They should be somewhat stiff but not so hard to compress. If you don’t find anything that looks bent or out of place try replacing the suspension rods.

Dec 28, 2012
A Suggestion
by: The Non-GE Expert

This is a great blog. Shawn, definitely appreciate the help and advice.

One thing that may be worth trying (especially after a move), is taking a rubber mallet and pounding on the bottom of the housing (using a 2x4 board to pound on so it doesn't dent, but rather flattens the bottom). I discovered that during a move, a two-wheeled forklift can dent/raise the bottom of the flooring, creating the same grinding noise (tabs, motor, drive belt touching the bottom) as described here. In effect, it isn't so much the washer tub is dropping down anymore than usual, but instead, the flooring has been lifted while the machine was moved, hence the contact points, metal filings and grinding noise.

Hope this helps. Please post back if it does so others may benefit. Best of luck.

Dec 28, 2012
by: Anonymous

As I read your comment, A light bulb went off in my head. We did actaully just move. The stress of the dolly on the underside appears to have actually slightly bent the underside of the washer up. Onve I bent the piece down slightly, the problem is solved. It looks like I'm going to be sending this apron back to GE. Thanks soo much for the help!!! You guys are awesome.

Sep 03, 2013
by: Jason

I work at an apartment complex that has 250 of these washers. I just recently started having this scraping problem. I found your info some time back, and I tried calling G.E. I called every number I could find and everyone I talked to is denying this problem. They told me they have never heard of it. I know myself I have at least two and one of our other properties has had one that I know of. I know they had to have heard of this before. Just curious. Why do you have to change the top cover too? The machines I have are from 09.

Sep 05, 2013
by: Shawn/admin

The reason you have to change the top is because they have to stick with the three-piece apron rather than going back to the one-piece apron (much better). They found that the only way to make this three-piece apron strong enough is to use the top to help support the apron. So they designed the top to support the apron.

Since I wrote all this information they have gone back to the one-piece apron (at least for the most part) so this problem should be a thing of the past.

With that being said GE is well aware of this issue especially if you are talking to someone working for them a few years ago (the new guys may not know). A lot of times customer relations will not be aware of all the issues or at least they act like it.

Sep 05, 2013
by: Jason

Thank you for the information. The washers I have come across so far do have the three piece apron. I know they are not the best washer out there, but I also feel people are pushing them to the breaking point. I feel that a good portion are overloading and washing comforters. I definitely want to come up with a solution, otherwise, this could get very expensive. I will for sure look for this kit and try it. As for G.E. I think they are pretending not to know. I do believe they are well aware of this issue. I just was not lucky enough to talk to the right person. At this point I am not even worried about them eating the cost I just don't want to be replacing washers. They did offer to send out a technician, but for what that would cost we could just about replace the machine.

Feb 18, 2016
Bent bottom was the cause for the noise
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for the comment on checking the bottom of washer. After hammering the bottom back down, the noise is gone. Thanks!!!

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