Ice maker quit working

by Matt
(Topeka, ks)

My ice maker on my kenmore puresource fridge. it has worked since we moved in 4 years ago. i dont know the age, or the part numbers, the sticker was removed. can anyone help. water source is good, i replaced it, but ice maker not filling up anymore.


Find your part:


Hi Matt,

I am going to assume it was make by Whirlpool because Whirlpool makes most Kenmore refrigerators but GE and other companies make them as well. Note that the test I describe below will only work if the Whirlpool made your refrigerator.

If you pull the front cover off the icemaker you should see test holes marked with letters. Make a jumper wire with a short piece of insulated wire skinned on both ends. Place one end of the jumper in the hole marked T and the other in the hole marked H. This should activate the icemaker and it should start the cycle. At the end of the cycle the water valve should activate and run water.

If it cycles but don’t run water the water valve is most likely bad.

If it will not cycle the motor/modular is most likely the problem.

Also this may help Whirlpool Icemaker Not Working

If you don’t see test holes the refrigerator was not made by Whirlpool recheck the model number and get back with me.

Also if you don’t have a tag with the model number you may have trouble finding parts. If the ice bin isn’t mounted in the door the parts on this page should fit your refrigerator provided Whirlpool made the refrigerator. If the icemaker has the test holes Whirlpool did make it so the parts should fit.

Whirlpool Icemaker Not Working

With the exception of maybe the water valve this is the most likely water valve to fit but without the model number there is no way to be sure.

If you have ice and water through the door use this one


If it only has an icemaker use this one.


I hope this helps!

Thank you,

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