ice maker not working

by Eric Walker
(Baltimore, MD)

5 yr old kenmore coldspot side-by-side
model #106.56576400
serial #SR3932386
ice-maker not working

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Hi Eric,

The first thing you need to check is the tube that feeds water into the icemaker. Check to see if the tube is clogged with ice. If so, remove the ice and replace the water valve.

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If that isn’t the problem remove the front off the icemaker. Once done you should see test holes marked with letters. Make a jumper wire (short piece of insulated wire skinned on both ends). Take that jumper and jump from T to H. The icemaker should start a cycle.
If the icemaker completes a cycle but doesn’t run water at the end of the cycle most likely the water valve is bad.

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If the icemaker will not cycle or gets stuck halfway between the cycle the motor modular is most likely the problem.


If the icemaker cycles and runs water but will not cycle again replace the whole icemaker. If the icemaker never stops cycling and never runs water (just continues to rotate) replace the whole icemaker.

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Thank you,

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