GE washer squeeks in wash cycle

by hawkins
(Duncanville TX, USA)

Sagging Apron

Sagging Apron

GE WHDRR418G1WW squeeks in wash cycle, light or heavy load makes no difference.(short and cyclical squeek in agitation mode only) Machine is level but tub is one(1)inch off center to the right side when empty and still, may be moved all around without resistance and doesn't center up when released. Spin cycle is normal and quiet. Machine is two years old and clean. Please advise. WH

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Hi Hawkins,

You more than likely have what is called the sagging apron issue. Models made within a certain time frame had a weak apron, which in time would bend down. When this happens the bottom of the motor frame will hit the bottom of the washer when the tub is full of water (during wash). Therefore when the agitation starts you will hear a metal-to-metal squealing noise. Here is an article I have written about this problem GE HydroWave Washer Noisy (scroll down to the section titled sagging apron).

Thank you,

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