GE spacemaker microwave repair

by Larry
(Hubbard, Ohio)

My 9 year old 1,000 watt JVM 1600 series GE spacemaker microwave stopped heating recently. Everything else worked fine, but no heat. Went online to research the problem and found this website. Followed the advice/instructions posted. Called the GE parts number listed and received the magnetron tube (zero cost)in three days w/ nothing but advice to have a trained appliance tech install it. Removal of the microwave took about 20 min. Covers off etc, about 30 min. Tube installation about 3 min. Ordered the diode from the retail side of GE and the part never arrived. I called them back after waiting 2 weeks and it was overnighted and on my doorstep the following day. Installed in less than 1 min. Total time involve (minus the two week wait for the diode) less than one hour. Saved a lot of money with this sites excellant pictures,description and instructions. The diode is easily removed/reinstalled w/ a pair of needlenose pliers. My only caution is that you should be fairly handy w/ general repairs or have some backround in working on anything mechanical to do this repair yourself. Good luck and THANKS!!!!!

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Success Story!!!
by: Shawn/admin

Hi Larry,

Thank you for making this post!! It is always great to hear the success stories and repair experiences of my visitors. I am glad you got it going and I look forward to helping you with any future appliance repair adventures. That is if you have any, hopefully nothing else will break down.

GE Spacemaker Struggling
by: Armando

I have a six year old GE Spacemaker Model HMO3000HSS03 Over-the-range microwave. Last year I replaced the magnetron tube. As of three days ago the microwave has begun to make an abnormal humming noise upon starting a cook cycle and sounds as if it is dropping power. I was initially under the impression that this may be caused by the H.V diode, however the more I read the more it sounds like the microwave would not heat food if the diode was open or shorting. The microwave is still heating food, however something is going terribly wrong and it sounds as if it is only a matter of time before the microwave stops functioning. Please let me know what I should test or do to take care of this problem. Thanks for your time, Armando.

Microwave Noisy
by: Shawn/admin

If it is heating fine it is unlikely the magnetron tube, diode or capacitor are bad. (all of which can cause the type of noise you are referring to. However sometimes the magnetron tube will become noisy and still heat. In this case it will be a distinctive high-voltage arcing noise.

Start by tuning off the turntable and see if the noise goes away. If your controls don’t give you the option to turn the turntable off you will have to access the turntable motor and unplug it. You can access it by removing the bottom panel by removing the screws.

If you rule out the turntable disconnect the stirrer motor. It is located at the top and can typically be accessed by removing a cover at the center top.

The only other thing is the fan motor which rarely becomes noisy.

No Luck
by: Armando

I tried the turntable, stirrer, and checked the fan. None of the three appear to be making what I guess I can best describe as a broken deep humming noise. The noise is the first I hear upon starting a cycle and then is followed by a higher pitched continuous humming noise (I believe this is the magnetron tube). I took off the panels and tested it and it appears as if the noise is coming from the top right hand side of the microwave, possibly in the area of the magnetron, diode, and capacitor. If you have anymore feasible things for me to check please let me know. If not thank you for your help and I guess I will just wait for the microwave to stop functioning if that is the direction it is headed. Thanks Again, Armando.

by: Shawn/admin

I think you are right it must be coming from the magnetron. Yours seems to be making a different kind of noisy I am use to hearing but it seems it is the culprit.

Microwave Powered off after 4 minutes
by: Armando

So my microwave is officially dying. Today (1-3-12) my wife was cooking vegetables and was four and a half minutes into the cycle when she says she heard a pop and the microwave shut off (no power). I was at work so I had her check the breaker. She stated that the breaker was still in the on position, however she flipped it back and forth. She also unplugged the microwave and plugged it back in still nothing, no power to the unit. When I came home approximately a half hour after the microwave stopped working I observed that there was still no power. I opened the microwave door and the unit powered on a few seconds after opening the door. I tried cooking food and it cooked, however still had the sound as if it is dropping power with the unusual humming discussed in our previous conversations. If you have any ideas based on these latest events please let me know, I would hate to have to scrap a six year old microwave. Thanks again for any suggestions and your time, Armando.

by: Shawn/admin

They had some issues with the magnetron interfering with the electronic board causing it to shut down. However I don’t know if this is your problem or not because typically when this happens it will shut down right away.

I really think it is more likely it is the control board although I can’t tell you a safe and easy way to know for sure.

One more thing however is that you say you opened the door and it went back to work. This could mean it has something to do with the door switches. Wiggle the door and see if it will work and if you can get it to work wiggle the door and see if it goes off again. If so one of your door interlock switches is bad. My bet would be on the lower switch.

This page has pictures that will help with the door switch. Microwave Repair Guide

Growling Microwave
by: Russ

Shawn...i have a 12 year old GE Spacemaker model EMO3000cww03, recently started to "growl" after running for a while...i went to another site on the net and was told ""95%" of the time it is the turntable drive motor...i was sceptacle of this because the actual noise is not coming from the area of the turntable center...but since i like the odds that that was it i spent 40 bucks and got the motor today, wednesday, i took off the bottom panel and very easily replaced the part (except for the fact that they must use 8000 lbs of torque to screw in those two little retainer screws!!!) anyway, while the panel was still down i tried the oven....within a few seconds the noise recurred as before, but this time i was able to look underneath and see some electric flashing coming from the upper right hand now i know it wasn't the motor and i suspect something a lot more serious . can you give me the bad news? thanks

by: Shawn/admin

I think you have a bad magnetron tube. Often when a magnetron tube is bad it will arc out the end causing a noise like you are describing. In the oven there are holes, which is where the magnetron tube sits. If this is where the arcing is coming from you can be pretty sure the magnetron is bad. If this isn’t where the arcing is coming from you will just have to figure out where it is. It could be the transformer or the capacitor.

I got a page on replacing the magnetron tube if you want to take a shot at replacing it.

GE Spacemaker Microwave Magnetron Tube Replacement

by: Anonymous

Our JVM series space maker GE microwave has stopped working, it has no power what so ever. We checked the circuit breaker but it was fine. Couldn't find the fuse box or compartment? Can you please help? Thank you,

by: Shawn/admin

Have you checked the fuse inside the microwave? This page may help.

Microwave repair

Microwave died only 3 years old
by: Diane

Had a fuse blow in my kitchen because a door slamed too hard in my kitchen- when I went and triped the fuse in the basement everything came on in the room except my microwave. I checked that the plug in (outlet) was not the problem. It is the microwave- before I go out and by a new one is there anythng I could look at and replace. It is a GE jvm1600 seies and only a couple years old. Thanks in advance for amy help you can give

by: Shawn/admin

There is a good chance the internal fuse is blown. If you take the top front griddle off and remove the control panel you should see the fuse. Be sure to disconnect the power before doing so.

Microwave Oven Activates Too Soon. NEW
by: Lea

I have a 10 year old GE Spacemaker, Model JVM 1653BD004 microwave oven. Recently when I open the door it immediately sends out heat and sounds like it is on. You can feel the heat. The turntable does not turn until I set the time for maybe 3 minutes and hit the Start button...then the turntable starts. It seems like when I open the door something activates the Start Button. Wondering if this is dangerous since my hands are in the oven placing or removing food items. Anyone have any ideas?

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