GE microwave oven will not turn on. jvm1540dm1bb

My microwave will not turn on. There have been no previous problems before yesterday. The outlet works fine. What steps should I take to figure out the problem. I'm assuming that I need to check the fuse first and go from there?

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Replacement parts in General Electric JVM1540DM1BB Counter top microwave

If it will not light up at all then the fuse is most likely. Unplug the microwave. Take the griddle off then take the control panel off. Once the control panel is loose you will see the fuse. Take the fuse out and test for continuity across it with an ohmmeter. If it is open replace it.

If the fuse isn’t blown there is a safety thermostat on top of the microwave that may be bad. You will have to remove the case to access it.

If the control panel (clock) is working then the door switches can be the problem.

This page should help more.

Microwave repair

This page will show how to take the case off.
GE Magnetron Tube Replacement

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