GE Dryer Reassemble Problem

I have took a GE dryer model #DSXR453EV0WW. My dryer was making an extremely loud squeaking noise. I took it apart to check a few things, and now that I have it back together it will not run. When I turn the start button, it makes the noise but never actually starts. Here is what I did when I took it apart....I took the top & front off. I undid the two fuses(?)and I took the drum out. My belt looked like it was put on right, but since GE provides NO real instruction manual I cannot be certain. Please help before my husband divorces me because I turned a loud dryer into a broke dryer!!!!

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I have a feeling you installed the belt incorrectly. I have a picture on this page that will help with installing a belt.

GE Dryer Belt Installation

I also have written instructions on how to take this dryer apart.

GE Dryer Disassembly

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