Whirlpool ice maker not working in free

by Chuck k3
(Pittsburgh Pa )

have a whirlpool side by side gd5rhaxnb00, the ice maker is not working, ran optics check all is good.(supposedly)
Did jumper test on points T and H to force harvest did not work. Removed ice maker and applied 110 volts to black and white wire put jumper at T and H will harvest this way, by doing this does this mean the optics are not working properly and sending a voltage to the ice maker module?

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Hi Chuck,

The jumper wire test is very hard to make-work on models with the optics. I don’t recommend trying to use the jumper wire test on these modes.

Then you took the optics out of the equation and the jumper wire test did work which points to bad optics. Just as a note for others that read this (I don’t recommend taking the icemaker out and applying voltage as a method of testing.)

This doesn’t mean the optics are bad with %100 certainty because these icemakers are notorious for cycling without ice but will not cycle with ice to actually harvest the ice. By the time you took the icemaker out to apply voltage the ice melted at least enough to come out easier.

One way you can tell for sure if the icemaker is the problem is to look at the gear on the front of the icemaker, that will typically happen is the shaft that the gear is attached to will break. When this happens like I said the icemaker will cycle without ice but it will not be strong enough to turn with ice. Try to pull the gear off don’t pull hard but if the shaft is broken the gear will pull off easily.

If that doesn’t seem to be the problem then replace the optics. Even if the optics pass the test they can be bad.

Whirlpool Icemaker Not Working

Thank you,

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May 03, 2011
ice maker not working
by: Chuck k3

The wheel and connector are fine. I replaced the emitter/receiver board and have noticed the ice maker go into harvest a few times but no ice, will the unit not turn on the water if the heater is bad? I have checked water line and it is not frozen or anything in it. I will try to check the water inlet valve next

May 03, 2011
by: Shawn/admin

If you are getting water to the icemaker and you just replaced the optics replace the icemaker because it is the only thing left.

This is assuming the temperature in the freezer is cold enough (around 0 degrees).

Sep 23, 2015
Ice in door not making ice
by: Andrew

Similar issues. New optics and ice maker no harvest when t & h are jumped. At IM harness I get 104 volts black and white. Would this be a board issue? KSRX25FVMS00

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