When using Sanitizer...Washer stops

by John Parker
(Aiea, Hawaii)


I have a GE Washer Model WBVH6240FWW. When I select the sanitizer the washer just stops and never starts again. I have to wait for hours or unplug and let it reset in order to use the washer again.

Has anyone experienced this? If so, what did you do? It sounds like some sort of computer logic issue. Any help would be appreciated.



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Hi John,

Replacement parts in General Electric WBVH6240F0WW Washer

Make sure the hot water valve is working correctly. If the hot water valve weren’t working then it would do the same if Hot were selected. I assume this isn’t the case. If the hot water valve is ok then I feel like this is going to be a control problem but below I will tell you how to access the service mode to see the error codes. View them before replacing the control.

I am going to go ahead and tell you how to enter into the service mode even though I don’t like to give this type of info. The reason I don’t like to give this information out is because if you do not exit the service motor correctly you can damage the control board. So read carefully. Also if you remove the top you will see a service mini manual that will give all the info I am giving you now.

Press the power button to clear current cycles.

Unplug the washer for at least 30 seconds.

Reconnect the power and press signal, delay start, signal, delay start. Note that you only have 30 seconds after you reconnect power to enter the service mode and if you fail to enter you will have to restart. You will know when you get into the service if the door locks and the display says t01

To exit the service mode press signal, delay start, signal, delay start. Do not unplug the washer while it is in the service mode.

Once in the service mode you are going to want to view the error codes. Turn the dial until the display says t02 then press start. Then the error codes will be displayed. Rotate the knob to view all error codes. Write the codes down then come back and post the error codes. I will tell you what to do next. Once you have written down press and hold the start button to clear the codes. This is important for future repairs. Press power to return to t02.

You can also check the hot water valve by turning the dial until you see t08 and press start. This should activate the hot water valve.

Thank you,

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