washing machine door wont lock

model # WSXH208V1WW

My washing machine door will not lock so it wont run.

If I hold the door closed it will run if i let go it will stop. So is it the latch on the door or the part the latch gos into?

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The part on the door is not likely bad. The door lock that the latch goes into can be bad but since when you press on the door it works I would look into reasons why the door isn’t closing correctly. It may be that the door hinge is bent or sometimes the screws in the door hinge will come loose and all you have to do is tighten them. If the door hinge is bent you can try bending it back but don’t put a lot of force on anything because you may break something else and make matters worse. You may end up having to replace the door hinge. If you determine that the door is closing fine but you still have to press in on the door for it to work then replace the door lock assembly.

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May 01, 2011
door wont lock
by: sherry

Thank s Shawn, I went out and tried to tighten all of the screw they and they are all tight.Do you have any other suggestions?

Jul 22, 2015
Door will not lock
by: Ken

My GE washer will not lock, I have replaced the lock as well as the latch on the door it's self. I also have water leaking from underneath lately. Any advice would be helpful I am not in a position to have a repair man come out nor can we afford a new one at this time.

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