Washer timer problem and water leaks from underneath during spin

by linda

Maytag Washer model A310

20+ years is it worth the money to fix? No problmes all these years until now. Won't empty during either spin cycle, burning electrical?? smell when spinning, also leaks water from underneath. Was wobbling during spin cyle to start with but leveling not helping problem.

Timer will not stop will just keep running till you stop it. Agitates but will only partially empty during spin. Will it be worth the labor cost to repair or could this be just the beginning of my problems? Thanks for any input.

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Hi Linda,

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It sounds like you have a bad timer and a tub seal from your description. What I think is happing is the tub seal leaked (very common you this machine) and destroyed the spin bearing and the belt is burning (the smell). The only thing is typically it will still pump out it just will not spin unless it is leaking enough to make the belts wet and then they are slipping.

The timer is around $150 and the parts for the tub seal job will cost around $100 or so. If you were to do it yourself repairing the machine will be $250 or more. To pay someone to repair it would run another $100-$150. So you are talking $350-$400. This is a very good machine but I wouldn’t spend that much on it. I do think this was the best machine ever made but that is still a lot of money, to bad they don’t make this model anymore. Note this is assuming that the tub seal and the timer are bad and I am just guessing. If the leak is coming from the center of the tub where the transmission goes into the tub the tub seal is bad.

If you want to try to do the tub seal job yourself this page will help Maytag Tub Seal Replacement

Thank you,

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