washer still leaks

by chris

I replaced the tub seal(who2x10032) on a ge top load washer(wbb4500e1ww) and it is still leaking water. The new tub seal went in pretty easy. I replaced the washer, split ring and nut in the same order they came off. Did I miss a step? Thanks for any help.

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Hi Chris,

Typically when you install the seal you have to tap it in with because it is very tight. If it went in very loose this there is something wrong.

This happen to me a few years back and I thought that the new seal was faulty so I got another and it did the same thing. On that occasion I had to end up putting a new tub in the machine because the seals were not fitting into the seat tight. I have only seen this once and heard of one more case. You can try another seal but I fear it is the tub.

Before you jump to this conclusion make sure the seal is down in the seal seat all the way so that it will seal properly.

Thank you,

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Feb 28, 2011
by: chris

I pulled the washer apart again and the tub seal is seated, then after I spin the belt and move the washer action the tub seal starts to work its way back up out of the cup. Do I need to replace the outer tub? Do you know what could have caused this?

Feb 28, 2011
by: Shawn

You can try another seal first but if that doesn’t work then the tub will have to be replaced. I don’t know what caused this, like I said I only seen it once.

Apr 05, 2017
Outer tubs bad
by: Vic

I work at a high rise have about 150 new ge washers had many leaks from day one. At least 3 needed an outer tub as they would not hold the seal in for very long.I would put in seal then wait 15 to 30 mins. and seal would be raised up or popped out.I do not believe that the tubs were made right ( deep enough hole). I had ge warranty guys here almost every other week for a year fixing different problems mostly leaks or temp sensor or other problems .Should not of had that many problems with new washers. IF IT WAS ME I WOULD BUY SPEED QUEENs

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