Washer sometimes won't spin/agitiate

Model #, WHRE5550K2WW
Yesterday I washed a load of clothes, and when I put them in the dryer I noticed they were still wet. So I put them through the spin cycle again. Came back later and they were still wet. So I waited until to day to do some research. The first thing I found was on youtube. It showed me how to clear the error code. I did this. And the spin cycle worked! So I know put in a new load of clothes. I come back and they are still wet again... So it did not spin, but it did wash and drain as before. So I clear the code again, and this time it does not help. I take the front off, and spin the drive belt one revolution. I then turn on the spin cycle and it works. I decide to wash another load of clothes, but this time when it gets to the "wash" cycle it does nothing. It fills but does nothing when "wash" lights up. I change it over just to drain and spin, and the machine will drain, but it doesent spin. I now find your website and read everything about the hydrawaves. I suspect the Mode shifter. After reading everything I go back out and pay more attention to details. I unplug machine for about 5 mins. Plug it in. No error code, light blinks every one second. The times when the motor spins it blinks every 1/2 second. I start the drain and spin. Machine drains and then it spins! I start the machine from a regular load. It fills. As it fills the agitator goes forward and backward like it is supposed to, the bucket does not spin. When it hits "wash" it does nothing at all. Now I switch it back to drain and spin. It drains like usual, but when it kicks in to spin it doesent spin. This time it makes a noise like a solonoid would make. Now I need help. The motor seems to work sometimes, the mode shifter seems to work sometimes. The drain and the fill works all the time. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Craig Jackson

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Do you know if at any point the motor had an error code?

Intermitting problems can be very hard to diagnose but lets give it a shot. First disconnect the power and try rotating the tub slowly to see if there is a point at which it tries to hang or get stuck. If so you know the sifter is bad. If the sifter is hanging you should get an error code but I don’t like to trust error codes 100% anyway.

Remove the belt and run a cycle with the belt off while watching to see if the motor runs the entire time. If it sill will not run during spin or any other time you have ruled out the sifter as being the problem. If it spins fine through a few cycles put the belt back on and see what it does. If you determine that the motor will run without the belt on but will not run (consistently) with the belt on you can determine that the problem is in the sifter.

If you rule out the chance that the sifter has failed mechanically then the problem is the motor or the control. My money would be on the motor but this will be hard to determine due to the intermitting nature of your problem. Let me know what you find.

Thank you,

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Jan 18, 2013
Similar problem but no flashing LED light
by: Travis

I am having a similar problem. My GE Hydrowave Washer WHRE5550K2WW had been running fine until recently. Within the last 4 loads it started making a loud clicking sound when it begin to agitate but would stop whenever it began to spin and would finish out the wash.

After taking the front panel of the washer off I did notice the blinking red LED light on the motor with a normal code sequence. Everything looked in order and I ran a couple test washes (without any clothes in the washer) to listen to the loud sound of the agitator and would complete the entire wash cycle. I opened and closed the lid and unplugged the washer many times and it seemed fine besides the clicking sound. I replaced the front panel and was content with dealing with the loud clicking sound as long as it worked.

After starting another test load (without clothes in the washer and lid closed) I noticed that the washer would fill up and drain water but would not agitate or spin. I took the panel off again and noticed that the LED light is no longer flashing. I check the lid switch for continuity and it was fine and my motor is one that done not have a fuse.

I can't seem to understand why this would ruin the motor all of a sudden but I don't know what else to do. I tried to reset the motor by turning off and on and open and closing the lid but still get the same no agitate/no spin problem. Could it be that I need clothes in the washer for it detect a load to start the agitate/spin cycle?



Jan 18, 2013
Bad motor
by: Shawn/admin

You have a bad motor however I wouldn’t this would have anything to do with the clicking noise, just bad timing. I believe if you replace the motor more than likely you will still have the clicking noise.

Apr 26, 2013
no spin
by: repairs 2

Hello Shawn, washer will agitate but not spin and had gree flash code 6, though the pulley and motor were free. Cleared code and spin worked again . did 2 spins and left but soon got a call that it was doing it again, (agitate but no spin) and no error code ,just a regular pulsing light. I take it that the circuit board is faulty and not the actual motor. Is there a place to get just the board and not waste a whole motor? It's only 2 years old and isn't it a waste to replace the whole thing. any ideas?

Apr 27, 2013
by: Shawn/admin

I would agree that it is likely the board not the motor but I don’t know of a place to just get the board.

Sep 28, 2014
fill with water and drain
by: mike

I have a Ge hydro-wave top loader washing machine that wants to fill with water and drain out and it's agitating inside? Won't move to next setting wash cycle. Tanks Mike

Feb 21, 2015
No spin
by: Bill

I replaced the Mode shifter in my Hydro Wave washer because it was making a lot of very bad noise. It ran for 2 days and stopped spinning. Replace the water Level switch and nothing. Replaced the timer board and nothing. Rechecked the Mode shifter and found NO continuity. Appliance parts company sent a new one and picked up the old one. Now, washer will agitate but will not spin on any setting. On Drain & spin cycle, it drains and agitates. The LED light on the motor works as it should. No extra flashes. For all this work and money, the washer is useless. It was better before I replaced the bad Mode Shifter, the 1st time. Any advice you can give would be very appreciated.

Jun 23, 2017
No high speed spin with full load
by: Anonymous

My whirlpool duet washer (wfw9750ww00) does not reach high speed spin with a full load but does with a small load. I've cleaned the drain trap and replaced the pump. No error codes display in diagnosis mode. Why does it work with a small load but not a full load?


Check the belt and pulley on the back of the tub. It could be that the load is off balance or the control "thinks" it is. This is sometimes caused by bad shocks on the tub, the balance rings are broken or missing (cement counterweights on tub). It can also be caused by the washer not sitting solid on the floor. All of these things cause the tub to move too much during spin on a heavy load causing the control to back off on the spin speed.

I hope this helps,

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