washer overloaded

by Blaine
(Newport News, Virginia)

I have a sears kenmore 90 series washing machine. Model number 110.26912691. I loaded clothes into the tub and started the machine as normal and walked away. I returned a little later and found the timer in the same position I left it, the tub was full of water and doing nothing else. Machine would not do anything until I moved the tiner to spin cycle and the machine will drain, and spin, but that is all. I suspect I overloaded the tub.

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Hi Blaine,

The first thing to check is the water level switch. We know the switch is breaking the water valve circuit because it didn’t overflow with water but what we don’t know is if it makes the agitate circuit.

Fill the washer with water and when the water stops flowing disconnect the power to the washer. Then access the control panel. There will be a switch on the far left, that is the water level switch. There should be a tan wire and a purple wire connected to the switch, note where they are connected. Then using an ohmmeter check for continuity between the terminals that the wires were connected to. If it is open replace the switch and if not I believe you have a bad timer.

If you are unsure or don’t own an ohmmeter replace the water level control and if that doesn’t work then most likely the timer is bad.

Thank you,

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