washer noisy when agitating

by Tony

I bought a ge hydrowave washer model s3700g2ww little over a year ago.Replaced belt twice already.Knew something was wrong so i did some research.Found motor had trouble codes built into circuit board. Light was blinking 4 times which indicated mode shifter problem.Did continuity check on mode shifter and coil was bad.Installed new mode shifter and washer worked fine for about 2 weeks then washer got noisy again. Checked motor code and it was blinking 4 times again.Another continuity check indicated mode shifter bad again. I wonder if i have to replace the motor and mode shifter together.

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Hi Tony,

You are not supposed to have to. I guess it is possible the motor is causing the coil to go bad but I wouldn’t think so. I think you just got a faulty coil. GE should take it back; you will have to contact the retailer that you purchased if from to see what you need to do. A lot of places will not take electrical parts back but if that is the case call GE they should take it back.

It is a big job to do just to find out that the motor is causing it. It is possible but I have never heard of it happing or seen it happen so I believe you just got a faulty coil.

You could check to see if the coil is receiving proper voltage if you have a meter capable of reading high DC voltage. This is what it should be: for the first few seconds of the wash cycle (I believe 18 seconds) the coil receives 135 V DC. This is very high voltage considering it is DC V and most voltage testers will not read over 50 V DC if that much. So it is likely if you attempt to check voltage during this time you will burn your tester up. After the first seconds the coil receives 30 VDC for the duration of wash cycle. A lot of meters will read 30 VDC but then again a lot of them will not read over 24 VDC and if you attempt to check voltage you may damage the meter. It all depends on the meter, the one I use most of the time will not read over 12V DC so if I wanted to check voltage on the coil I would have to use another meter.

If you attempt to check voltage make sure you meter is capable of doing so and be sure not to get shocked!!!

I hope this helps!

Thank you,

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GE Hydro-wave
by: Frank

Have had the washer for 1 yr so far and has been squeaking and operating crappy for the last 6 months.
I think the manufacturer should replace washer, but you know how that will happen ..

Two main causes
by: Shawn/admin

There are two things that will cause this on this washer; the shifter coil and the apron. If the sifter coil is open when it washes the whole spin basket will turn rather than just the agitator. If the apron is bad the bottom of the motor will be rubbing the bottom of the washer causing a squeaking noise. I discuss both problems on this page GE HydroWave Washer Noisy

If the arpron is bad call GE they may send you a repair kit free however they most likely will not do anything about the shifter coil.

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