washer door wont close

by karen

i have a whirlpool washer model ghw9150pwo and the door wont shut...i was washing clothes and wen the cycle finish i tried openin the door but i think it was mayb not yet unlocked cause it was a little harder to open so i pulled a lil too hard and it made a clickin noise and now it wont shut..can u plz help

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Hi Karen,

It sounds like you broken the door latch. To replace the door latch follow these instructions.

1. Open the door and remove the spring clamp on the door gasket.

2. Once done peal the door gasket back to access the door latch.

3. Now remove the three screws that hold the door latch in place.

4. You should be able to pull the latch through the gap between the spin basket and the front because the gasket is loose. Unplug the wires and reinstall it.

I have replaced the latch by removing the top and reaching down to replace it however I find this harder than taking the door gasket loose.

Before replacing the door latch, make sure you didn’t break the door strike instead of the latch. The door strike is the plastic catch that is on the door that locks into the door latch. I hope this helps! Here is a link to your door latch.


Thank you,

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