Washer does short spurts of water

by Joe
(Norwalk, CA)

The washer does short spurts of water instead of filling. It takes a long time to load. Its a Maytag, with the model number mwc6esww1

Thank You.

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Hi Joe,

The strainers in the water hoses may be clogged. Turn the water off and take the hoses loose then. On one end of the hoses there should be strainers clean them. Also there are strainers in the valve right where the hoses enter the washer clean them as well. If this doesn’t help, replace the valve.

Thank you,

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May 06, 2011
Tried it.
by: Joe

Thanks for the suggestion. I appreciate your time. The hoses are clean. The valve was replaced, apparently it looks like an electrical problem, its seems like the power is cutting off. When it does the "short spurts" of water, there is a click. And this happens to both of the coils. It seems like the electrical current is cut off. And it usually lasts about 3-5 seconds off and 2-3 sec on, and this happens intermittently. Also I eliminated the temperature sensor that is in the water inlet whose after the valve, that did not make a difference.

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