Washer does not run

by Matthew Tritsch
(Lenexa KS USA)

Roper SM8280871A Will not turn on no matter which setting it is on. Standing water in the washer. Tested different washing settings and no changes. Hoses are not plugged up. Tested Outlet and Circuit Box and both are working fine.

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Hi Matthew,

Does the washer make any noise at all? If not the problem is electrical. Most Roper washers are made by Whirlpool but that model number is not correct (I think you may a given a serial number) so I cannot confirm.

Assuming the washer is Whirlpool made this page will show how to test the lid switch, which is the first thing you should check. Whirlpool Washer Repair

If it does make a noise the likely cause is a clogged water pump. If the pump is clogged the washer will make a humming noise as if a motor is trying to run.

This page talks about the water pump Whirlpool Washer Not Running

If you need anymore help I will need your model number.

Thank you,

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Does not turn on at all
by: Matthew Tritsch

The Model number is RAS8244LQ1. And yes there is nothing happening on the Washer at all no humming or anything on the Washer. Would it just be better to go out and get a new washer at this point?

Lid Switch
by: Shawn

Your washer was made by Whirlpool and the lid switch is the most likely cause. The link I posted will show you how to check and replace the lid switch. If the lid switch is the only problem there is no need to buy a new washer unless of course you just want at new one. Here is a link to the part it is only $27.00 as opposed to $400.00+ for a new washer.


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