washer agitates before filling begins

by Don
(Augusta, GA, USA)

I have a 2 year old Whirlpool washer, model no. WTW57ESVW0. Previously, after making all setings and turning cycle on, the machine would start filling with water and after a brief fill period, it would agitate for a short period, then finish filling before it started its washing cycles. Now, it starts agitating before it starts filling and continues the agitating until it fills and begins the wash cycle. All other cycles seem to operate correctly. I am concerned that the agitating without water will damage some clothing articles. Anyone have any ideas about what the problem might be?

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Hi Don,

I agree it isn’t good for the clothes to agitate without water. This is a common problem that we are seeing over and over. The part that is causing the problem is the sensing switch. Below is a link to your sensing switch.


Thank you,

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