washer agitates before filling and won't completely spin

by beth

my whirlpool washer - model # WTW57ESVW purchased in July 2009 starts agitating immediately before the machine is filled..............while washing it makes alot of clunking noises and on the regular cycle will not spin completely..........does spin completely on the light cycle.

thanks for your help

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Hi Beth,

I haven’t run into this problem in the field on this model. I am surprised that I haven’t because it seems to be a common problem for people on here and other forums across the web. Most of the time they have to replace the sensing switch.


Thank you,

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Jan 05, 2015
Whirlpool washer model WTW57ESVW1
by: Heather

My washer is doing the same thing. It's about 5 years old now, and it will agitate before filling up with water. Then at the last cycle, the spin cycle, it will fill back up with about 2 inch. of water. while on the rinse cycle it will add water while agitating the hole time. Instead of filling up with water then agitating and spin. Why is it doing this? I downloaded the manual. I seriously need advice please! what part can I order to fix this problem? Thank you

Jan 06, 2015
Load Sensing Switch
by: shawn

The load sensing switch is most likely bad. Replace it and it should take care of this issue.

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