vent overflow

by Bruce

The drain vent mounted on the sink overflows during the drain cycle. Why? I cleaned the drain pipes and trap.

Bruce in hot water

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Hi Bruce,

I hope this gets you out of hot water!

A lot of times water will leak out of the air gap even if the drain is not clogged. Note that if the drain is clogged ignore this answer and repair the clogged drain.

Basically you have a few of options. One is to clean the air gap out good and put it back in to see if it stops leaking. I really don’t think this is going to help but if it is dirty water can stray out the air gap. You can replace the air gap. But what I would do is completely by-pass the air gap and run the drain line directly to the drain. If you do this make sure that you use the high loop method of running the drain line. You don’t really have to have an air gap unless it is required by building code. If is mostly so that water will not back into your dishwasher from the sink but if you run a high loop it will not do that anyway. This page has a picture to show what I am talking about when I say high loop, scroll down to the section titled drain line. Installing A Dishwasher

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