Spin cycle on washer shakes / rattles excessively

by Chris

Kenmore Elite HE3 Front Loading Automatic Washer
Model: 100.42832 200

I am currently having an issue during the spin cycle where the machine will shake / rattle excessively. This is occurring for all loads - big or small. All other functions / cycles of the washing machine appear to be in working order.

I have confirmed that the machine is level, the drum appears to be level, there are no broken springs and the shocks appear to be in good working order.

One additional thing I did notice is that during the "heavier" loads (ie: jeans) the spin cycle _sometimes_ does not function. So when the load is complete and I go to move the clothes to the dryer, the clothes are completely soaked. That said, I am suspecting that the spin cycle did not function as I do not recall hearing the shaking / rattling during these times when the clothes are completely soaked when the load completed. That said, I have not specifically sat and watched a load of jeans go through a full wash cycle.

Does anyone else have some ideas at what could be causing the washing machine to shake / rattle excessively during a spin cycle?


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Hi Chris,

This is the most common complaint with front load washers especially if they are on pedestals. There are a few things to check. First check to make sure the floor is stable and not giving. Make sure all the feet are touching the flood solidly. If so correct these problems.

They make anti vibration pads that can take care of some minor vibrations. You can try it but I really don’t think this will completely resolve your problem.

It is very hard to tell if the shocks are bad or not so if you don’t find any thing else try replacing the shocks.

Take the back off and make sure the large pulley is tight on the shaft. If there is any play the washer will vibrate.

At times the spin basket will become out of round or off balance. Open the door and place a pin near (about a ¼ inch) the basket and rotate the basket by hand. Judging by the gap between the basket and the pin while it is rotating. The tub shouldn’t wobble up and down or front to back more than ¼ inch. If it is wobbling more than ¼ inch the spin basket is bad. I hope this isn’t your problem because this is very expensive but I have seen it a few times.

If the machine vibrates too much the computer will either shut it down or slow it down which will account for the dripping wet clothes.

Front Loader Washer Vibration Problems

Thank you,

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Feb 26, 2011
Kenmore elite
by: Anonymous

It is probably your outer basket this has a bearing built into it, I have the same washer and this is what is wrong with mine.

Feb 26, 2011
That does not sound good...
by: Original posting submitter

Something tells me that the outer basket / bearing is not going to be easy to fix (myself) and / or it is very expensive to replace.

How easy / expensive was it to replace / fix? Is this something that I could do myself or should I call a appliance repair professional?


Dec 27, 2012
tired of having a machine I can't use
by: Anonymous

I have a Kenmore model number 40249032010. I simple hate it. I waited all night on Black Friday to get my very own front loader. It was a waste of time. It shakes so bad I think its going to break the wall in my laundry room. I now go to the laundry mat to wash and bring clothes home to dry. What a waste of time. I truly, need a recall on this item. NO MORE FRONT LOADERS FOR ME. BACK TO THE OLD WASH AND DRYER FOR ME.

Dec 29, 2012
by: Shawn/admin

Front loaders are known for shaking more than top loaders but yours is extreme. Since it is new you should call for service it should be under warranty.

Are you sure all the shipping bolts were taking out during the installation because if they are left in it will shake the house down?

Jun 10, 2017
Wobbly washer dryer in pedestals
by: Anonymous

What Do the shipping bolts look like? I bought my set from a friend and they were used by her, with no problem.

I put them on wood pedestals on wheels, do I can move them for cleaning and maintenance. The washer wobbles so much, I'm worried. It doesn't scoot off the pedestal, but it does move side to side. A lot. What can be done?


The shipping bolts are four bolts coming in from the back of the case.

Front loaders shake and wobble a lot especially the older ones. Check the shocks to make sure there isn't any rust on the them and if so replace them. There are at least 3 counter weights on the tub that sometimes fall off. Look inside the bottom of the washer and see if there are any cement counter weights laying in the bottom of the washer. If so you may be able to put it back in but most of the time they break out and there is nothing to do.

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