side-by-side refrigerator not cooling properly

by Kathy
(Centerburg, Ohio USA)

My frig is freezing on the bottom of freezer, but warm up top. Frig side will freeze on bottom, warm up top.It has NO frost on coils, can see that it is in defrost mode at different times. Left it upplugged for 14 hours, still isn't working properly. GE
GSS201EPV WW, 7 years old

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Hi Kathy,

Replacement parts in General Electric GSS20IEPKWW Refrigerator

If there is no frost at all you have a major problem such as a bad compressor, clogged capillary tube or low on gas. However if there is a thin layer of frost along the entire coils you know those things are working properly.

But since it is freezing things in the bottom of the fresh food section I don’t think you are going to have that type of problem. I think it has an airflow problem. Check to see if the fan inside the freezer is running. If not use this page to diagnose the fan GE Fan Motor Diagnostics

If the fan is working see if the damper is working. Take the cover off the damper in the left top of the corner of the fresh food section. By the time you get the cover off the damper will be closed but if you press the door switch (make sure the light goes off and the freezer door is closed). When you press the door switch the damper should open if not chances are the damper is bad but it still could be the main board. If the damper works make sure the light turns off when you close the door and if not try adjusting the door up so that it hits the door switch better and see if that puts the refrigerator back to work.

If that isn’t the problem the thermistor next to the damper could be bad (fresh food thermistor). This page should help GE Thermistors

Thank you,

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