Replacing washing machine motor

by Michelle

I purchased a new motor for my GE Profile Performance Wizard Model#WPSE7003A0WW. Problem: Wiring harness has square connector instead of the rectangular one that is on my washer. Do I have tor replace all of the wires? I thought I would be able to just plug and go. Thank you.

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Hi Michelle,

A few years back they stopped making the rectangular harness motors about 5-6 years ago. So now they send you the replacement motor with the square harness in a kit that comes with all necessary parts to change the wiring over to the new style harness. So to answer your question yes you have to cut the wires to reconnect the new harness and on some motors will have to install a capacitor that wasn’t there to begin with. In any case you should have good directions to follow with the new motor and you should have all the necessary parts and connectors to complete the job.

Thank you,

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