Refrigerator leaks small amts of water from under the crisper

by Bejay
(Wilmington, DE, USA)

I have a Samsung side by side refrigerator that leaks small amounts of water from under the crisper. I especially notice this on humid days. So in the winter it doesn't happen much. I keep a paper towel under the bottom crisper drawer but would like to fix the problem. Any suggestions?

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Hi Bejay,

This sounds like an air-leak. When refrigerators have an air-leak such as the bad door gasket condensation will form and can cause a significant amount of water to leak in the floor especially when it is humid.

There is also a water reservoir behind or near the crisper that may be leaking but being humid wouldn’t affect this leak.

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possible broken seal
by: Anonymous

how can I tell if the seal is broken? Can I fix it myself?

Door Gasket.
by: Shawn

Door gaskets are made to be airtight. This has always been a good rule of thumb. If you can put a dollar bill (or any paper) in between the door and the door jam (with the door close) and move the dollar the seal isn’t sealing. Keep in mind that this is all the way a round. Also you can look at the door gasket to see if it is ripped. Most of the time when you have this type of problem you will have water droplets on the glass shelves and/or the sidewall of the refrigerator.

You might want to take a look at the water reservoir. Remove the bins at the bottom to see the reservoir and then run the water to see if the reservoir is leaking.

Replacing door gasket
by: Shawn

Replacing the door gasket is not hard. I would describe it more as aggravating or nerve racking. However some newer models have snap-on gaskets that are very easy. I am not sure which on yours has. On this page I give tips on replacing door gaskets Appliance Parts Installation Tips

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