refrig and freezer not cooling /freezing

by Tim A
(Cary, NC)

i have a GE frig, model gss25sgpass. a few wks ago i replaced the main board since the frid and freezer werent cooling / freezing. that worked. but the fresh food bin continued to freeze veggies and so i replaced the fresh food thermister by cutting out the old and splicing in a new one (i could tell it was defective according to your description - domed end / black surface where wires insert into thermister). its been 2 days since i replaced the thermister and now the freezer and frig arent cooling / freezing. could there be moisture on the splice connection of the new thermister? did i just blow out the control board i put in a few wks ago?

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Hi Tim,

When you spliced the new thermistor did you use silicone as I describe at the end of the video on this page How To Test A Thermistor On A GE Refrigerator

In any case I am almost sure this isn’t the problem. Poor airflow will cause the veggie bin to freeze more often than the thermistor. If the entire fresh food section were freezing then I would look at the thermistor. With that being said it couldn’t hurt to replace it since it was on of the faulty thermistors.

Check to see if the fan inside the freezer is running and if not take a look at this page GE Refrigerator Fan Motor Diagnostics

Ice may be blocking airflow, remove the back wall of the freezer and check for heavy frost that would block airflow.

Thank you,


My personal computer at my house is in the shop and I have to use the one at work so it may be a few days between responses. Sorry for any inconvenient.

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May 25, 2013
Great website' now I got a question
by: Anonymous

Have a G.E. side by side, noticed about 10 days ago temp. was rising on both sides to a point of concern. Started checking and found condensor coils were dirty so cleaned them up. All components are running, only compressor is only drawing about .5 amps and I found at the evaporator coil where the coil transitions to capillary tubing it is freezing up and rest of coil is warm. Unit is only 2& 1/2 years old. 1st guess was I thought compressor is having problems are is low on refrigerant. Please help.

May 27, 2013
by: Shawn/admin

You have a refrigeration problem most likely low on gas but it is hard to say for sure. These types of problem are best if done by a professional. If it is low on gas they will have to locate the leak, fix it then fill with gas. This may end up being an expensive repair depending on where the leak is.

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