Refrig 40* only; freezer -20*

by drgerry
(Jonesboro, GA)

refrig won't get less than 40*, even at a #9 setting.

Freezer varies 20 to -20 and I have found it running when temp was pegged out at -20 (that's as far as my therm will go!)

want to check the damper assembly but can't figure out how to get it off.

could this be a MoBo issue?

only slight glazing/melting of ice in freezer, no signs of coils freezing over.

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Hi Drgerry,

The very first thing I want you to check is the door switch. Make sure the door switch is turning off the light in the fresh food section. If the light isn’t turning off not only will you have heat in the fresh food section the main board will “think” the door is closed and it will close the damper. I don’t really think this is the problem because the temperature would be higher if this was the case but we don’t want to overlook it (as I have a few times).

To remove the damper you must remove the top two shelves (more if necessary) then take the light cover off and the cover at the bottom of the damper assembly (against the wall) then remove the screws that were covered by the light cover and the damper assembly should come off. Note that once you have had the door open long enough to remove the damper the main board would have closed the damper. So press the door switch to fool the board into thinking that the door is closed and the damper should open (assuming the refrigerator is in cooling mode). If it will not open let go of the door switch and wait a few minutes then press it again then feel of the damper flap (up in the damper assembly) to see if it is vibrating. If it is vibrating then that is an indication that the main board is sending the voltage for the damper to open. If so replace the damper.

If the damper isn’t getting voltage check the thermistors this page should help How To Check A Thermistor On a GE Refrigerator

If you are unsure replace them because they are relatively cheap and may repair the problem. If the damper is ok and the thermistors of ok then replace the main board.

There is a very good chance the main board is the problem but it is expensive and I would hate to see waste you money on the board if it isn’t the problem.

Thank you,


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Feb 26, 2011
Refrig 40* only, freezer -20*
by: drgerry

Door switch works.

I've replaced both thermistors in FF section.

Damper seems to work. Opens and closes fully. However, I hear it opening and closing even when the fan is off?

I've replaced the Control Board, but nothing changed.

It usually maintains 40* in the FF side and 0* in the Freezer. However, a couple times I've found the freezer at more than -20*, and the damper in the FF side not open.

I've checked the coils and they do not have any frost on them.

I'm really stumped here.

Feb 27, 2011
by: Shawn

You have already changed the parts that I would have thought was the problem. The only other thing is the damper itself.

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