Ice Maker Kenmore Elite 53603201

by Ana
(Littleton, MA)

The ice maker has stopped making ice. We are still getting water. I have changed the filter. Any ideas what could be causing this issue?

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Hi Ana,

The only way I could find that model number is to add 106. prefix to the front of it making it 106.53603201. This is a model with the ice bin mounted in the door. If this is correct follow these instructions. If the ice bin isn't mounted in the door let me know or follow the Whirlpool icemaker repair page below.

First check to see if the tube that feeds water into the icemaker is clogged. If the line is clogged unclog it and replace the water valve.

If the line isn’t clogged check the optics per instructions on this page Whirlpool icemaker repair

If the optics check ok remove the icemaker by removing the cover on the back right hand side and pulling the icemaker straight out. Disconnect the power from the refrigerator. Then pull the front cover off the icemaker, once done you should see test holes marked with letters. Make a jumper wire using a short piece of insulated wire skinned on both ends. Then place one end in the hole marked H and the other in the hole marked T. Then place the icemaker back into the freezer with the jumper still in place, close the door and reconnect power to the refrigerator.
Once done the icemaker should cycle and run water.

If it cycles but doesn’t run water replace the water valve. Click picture to order.


If it doesn’t cycle replace the motor/modular. Click picture to order.


If it cycles and runs water but will not cycle again replace the whole icemaker. Click picture to order.


Thank you,

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Kenmore Elite 106.53603201
by: Ana

Thanks Shawn,

Seems it was clogged. Full of frozen ice around the valve. Is there a way to provide this from happening again? I need raise the temp to 5 F. Thank you again Ana

Water Valve
by: Shawn/admin

Typically the water valve causes this problem so you may have to replace the water valve.

What happens if it won't stop making ice?
by: Anonymous

My ice maker won't stop making ice. I have a pitcher full of ice at the bottom of my fridg in the morning.

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