GE Washer won't spin or agitate

by Amy
(Phoenix, AZ)

GE Hydrowave WBSR3140GWW, 2 years old
Success story: Washer seemed to have just quit spinning and agitating. I reset the motor by unplugging the machine for one minute then plugging it back in and immediately opening and closing the lid six times. It worked great for about three hours until the drive belt broke. I have no documentation for the machine and have had a bear of a time locating any information about how to replace the belt. As with many posts I've seen during my search, the belt just seems too dang small but comparing the part numbers it is the correct belt. Using a different search engine, this site was one of the few my search results displayed. OMG, finally this site had exactly what I needed...easy instructions for replacing the belt by removing the bottom in order to easily reach the backside which is nearly impossible without removing the bottom. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I have posted the link to this site on the other useless sites for others to find what they need as well!


Hi Amy,

Thank you very much for posting this!!

Replacing the belt on GE washers has always been done from the front. But when I attempted to replace a belt on the new HydroWave model it was nearly impossible. I was able to replace the first one from the front but it was very hard.

I had to come up with a better way to replace the belt on this washer. On previous GE models I never had the need to remove the bottom and didn’t even know if it would come off or not. But I looked and what do you know, it does. I knew this would be a much better way to change the belt on this washer so I wanted to share this method with my visitors.

GE actually makes a tool that somehow helps you replace that belt but if you remove the bottom you don’t need it. This is especially helpful to do-it-yourselfers because who wants to buy a special tool to replace one belt on their washer.

For anyone else that is viewing this page here is a link to the page that Amy is referring to GE HydroWave Belt Replacement

Thanks again Amy,


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Bottom Access
by: Anonymous

Totally agree!!! This is the best suggestion I found after much consternation and searching for the best way to get this size belt on the pulley! It was done in a matter of minutes after leaning the washer on its back and taking the bottom off. My husband struggled with trying front access and couldn't even fit his hands in the space much less get leverage! No need for the install tool, either.

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