GE HydroWave Washer Belt Replacement

GE HydroWave washer came out around 2006 and is the quietest washer on the market for the money. But as with all machines it sometimes needs repair. This washer is basically like the older T model washers but without a transmission that makes it much quieter. On this page I discuss how to replace the belt on a GE HydroWave washer. The belt on these washers is hard to install mainly because the belt has to be stretched to fit the washer and there is no room to work under the pulley. I have come up with a way that makes GE hydroWave washer belt replacement easier. Note that while all the steps below may not be absolutely necessary, this is the best procedure I have found. Also note that the belt will not seem like it is long enough but it is. Follow the steps below.

HydroWave washer belt part number is WH01X10353 Order Here.

1. Disconnect the power from the washer.

2. Lay the washer on its back or lean it against a wall. Note you may have to disconnect the hoses and be sure not to damage the drain hose if you lay it all the way down.

3. Remove the screws from the water pump. Note that it is not necessary to disconnect the hoses or the wires.

4. Remove the bottom of the washer by removing the four screws on the front and the screws on the bottom. Once done you will have better access to the pulleys.

5. Wrap the belt around the motor pulley and halfway around the big pulley as shown. You can use a tie strap on one side of the belt to keep it on while you install it.

6. Start to rotate the big pulley slowly while holding the belt on. Note that if you use a tie strap rotate the pulley so that the tie strap rotates away from the motor.

7. When you rotate the pulley the belt is going to try to slip off the motor pulley. Stop and push the belt back onto the motor pulley while still holding the belt on the big pulley.

8. Continue to turn the big pulley until the belt is on and you may have to repeat step 7 to keep the belt on the motor pulley.

9. Once the belt is on cut the tie strap and rotate the pulley a few times to ensure the belt is properly installed.

10. Reverse steps to reassemble your GE HydroWave washer.

The part number for HydroWave washer belts is WH01X10353 Order Here.

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