GE dryer cuts out

by Nar
(North Port)

My GE dryer cuts out after it comes up to temp.It will run all day on fluff,but on any heat setting it stops when it gets to about 115* F. The timer keeps going,the motor just stops running.

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Hi Nar,

Typically this will be caused by a bad motor but just to be sure run it on timed dry to eliminate the chance of the moisture sensor causing this.

When the motor causes this type of problem it will overheat cut off and then in a few minutes you will hear a faint clicking noise and the motor will run again.

Thank you,

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Aug 07, 2011
fluff all day
by: Anonymous

ours did this too, for some reason the vent hose was not letting enough of the heat out- we disconnected the vent hose and just let it steam up the garage, i just opened the door a little to let hot air out. heated up to temp and dries clothes just fine.

Aug 07, 2011
Clean Vent
by: Shawn/admin

If you clean your vent you should be able to reconnect the vent. I just did a review on a rotating dryer vent brush called Linteater

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