G E washer wpre6100g1wt

by nancy
(avondale la usa)

I have a ge washer about 4 yrs old. I have replaced the control circut board. The washer will pump out the water and fill but will not do any thing else. the in-line fuse and door switch are good. please help. model # wpre6100g1wt

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If you have already replaced the control and you know the fuse and the lid switch are good then all that is left is the motor. But before you replace the motor look to see if there is an error code. There is a flashing LED on the motor that shows error codes (or absents of). Some of these error codes will completely shut down the motor. Often all you have to do is clear the code. Make sure you read the code before you clear it because if it returns then you know what to do. This page has all you need to know about these codes HydroWave Washer Repair

In case you need it here is a link to the motor for this washer.


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Mar 01, 2011
ge washer
by: nancy

thank you for your responce. i looked for the green light on my motor and it does not blink at all. how do i clear it ? if the light still doesn't light after clearing then does that mean a new motor.

Mar 01, 2011
by: Shawn

Typically if the light isn’t blinking and the fuse is ok then the motor is bad. However you may want to try clearing the motor codes (if there are any). To clear the error code, turn the washer off. Then disconnect power for about 20 seconds. Next, reconnect power then open and close the lid five or more times within 12 seconds in the first 30 seconds of power-up.

If this doesn’t work you will have to replace the motor.

Jan 09, 2013
Washer does not drain while spinning
by: Roger

My GE washer (WPRE6100G1WT) seems to run fine during most of its operations (fill, agitate, and drain) but will not drain during the post wash and/or rinse SPIN cycles. The pump does not activate at that time (while spinning). As water is spun out of the clothes, it remains in the tub. When the washer is finished there is soap and excess water in the load. It also appears not to spray water during the last rinse spin. Thanks!

Jan 10, 2013
by: Shawn/admin

Make sure the pump isn’t clogged (most of the time this is the issue). Then you have to determine if the pump is bad or the control isn’t sending power to the pump. If the pump is getting voltage but its not running it is bad.

Oct 30, 2015
washer wont agitate.
by: Celso

I have a GE washer model TL1103 that does not agitate. It fills water and stops properly when filled to the desied level but only agitates to verify the level of water is correct and then goes into pause. In order to wash I need to be pressing the pause button to unpauseevery time it make half a spin. It spins forward then I need to unpause for it to spin back, unpause for it to spin forward ahain. I do this many times to be able to wash. I have changed the sensor on the motor and it worked for two days and stoped funtioning again. What else can I do? Every thing else works, it fills and spins but does not agitate.

Nov 02, 2015

by: shawn


That model number is not correct recheck it and post. Is it a front loader or top loader?

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