dryer making noise when drum is turning

by Jennifer

My GE dryer first started to make a loud squaking noise for a few months and then it has started this loud scrubbing noise as if the drums are roating aganst each other. Even when the dryer is off and you manual turn it makes this rubbing noise. Please tell me whats causing this. everythings works just fine. even the heating is good

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Hi Jennifer,

There are five bearing in the dryer, four slides on the front and one at the center of the drum at the back. The four in the front will typically not get noisy until they are completely gone however the one on the back will sometimes get noisy before it is completely gone. Disconnect the dryer and take the front off, once off look where the tub rides on the front and there should be four bearing (pads) that the tub rides on. If the bearings are gone replace them. If the bearings have been worn for very long you will have to replace the bearing holder as well. While you have it apart it is best to replace the back bearing as well even if it is ok. This page will help you GE Dryer Disassembly

Thank you,

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