Dryer making loud rattle or vibration sound

by Heather
(syracuse, utah)

I have a GE electric dryer Model # DBSR453EB2WW. i bought it Nov/2004. it has worked great but know it is making a loud rattle/vibration sound. we checked the lint trap and the hose for blockage and its okay. i have moved to see if it was off balance, its okay. the noise is getting louder it used to get quiet after it had been on for awhile but now it is loud all the time. what do you think it is?


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Hi Heather,

Disconnect the power to the dryer.

There are three bearings that the drum rides on that will sometimes cause the dryer to become noisy. When you take the front off the three bearing are attached to a holder on the front of the dryer.

When you get the front off look at the bottom left and you should see the fan. The fan is held on with a 3/8 screw, tighten that screw. If that screw was loose that is more than likely your problem.

Also there is a bearing at the center of the rear of the drum that will cause a noise. You will have to remove the drum to access the rear bearing.

Thank you,

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removing front
by: heather

thanks for your help, but i can't figure how to get the front of. do you know how?

by: Shawn

There are two screws in the door jam that down upward. If you remove these screws the top will lift off. Once the top is off you will find two screws that hold the front on. This page should help GE Dryer Disassembly

by: heather

thanks for your help

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