dryer making loud noise only with one item drying

hi,i have had my ge dryer dbxr463ed2ww for 4 years i never had a problem with it until now it get hot but it makes a lot of noise and i cannot put alot of clothes in then it will get lounder i dont know whats the problem only thing i know it just make a lot of noise do i need another or can it be fix thank you.

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There are four slides that hold up the drum in the front and there is one bearing at the center of the drum at the back. These five bearings are typically what cause this problem. To access the bearings disconnect power then remove the two screws that are in the door pointing upward. Once they are off the top should come off. Then there are tow screws that point forward remove then and the front should come off. When you take the front off you will also be removing the four slides that I was talking about. Often the dryer will not be noisy until the bearing are completely gone and sometimes the holder that holds them in place will be broken and needs to be replaced also. The rear bearing will have to be accessed by removing the drum. First disconnect the belt and then the drum will come forward. Here are a couple links that will help

GE Dryer Noisy

GE Dryer Disassembly

Here are links to the parts you may need.

Front drum bearing Holder

There will be two of these white slides

Dryer drum slide - Color: White

And two of these green slides

Slide, Drum - Green

This is the rear bearing.

Sleeve drum bearing

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