drive hub rotted away

by Archilles

I have a GE WBVH6240FWW front load washer and the inner basket became very loose. I searched relentlessly for a diagram that showed detail of the entire washer striped down, to no avail. I had no choice but to start taking the entire machine apart and search for the problem, not knowing what to find or expect. I was blown away when I found out what had happened. The hub on the basket drive assembly was "destroyed". Everything I found showed all but the back side of the inner drum, completely leaving out the basket drive and hub assembly. I have also looked for the part at a ton of websites and have yet to find just the hub that bolts right on to the basket. The failure of the hub also resulted in damaging all three baffles, the rear hub, the front hub, and maybe even the door gasket. I'm none to happy about this ordeal. Another problem is the machine is no longer under warranty because it is four years old. Thats like buying a brand new car and the frame rusting out in four years. So, does anyone know if GE is liable for such a massive component regardless of the purchasing warranties? And does anyone know where I can just buy the hub assm. and not the entire basket assm? For all who reads this, Thank You so much for taking the time to read, answer, and understand the struggles and difficulties of a poor man.

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Hi Archilles,

I fully understand your frustration but since it is out of warranty GE is not liable for this part failure. However I am almost sure if you call customer relations 1-800-626-2000 they will do something to help you because of the fact that you are unhappy and you have major failure on a fairly new machine. Typically they will do one of two things send you the part for free or offer you a discount on a new washer. I am almost sure you will not get them to give you a new washer free or pay for any labor. The most of the time you can get them to go ½ price on the new washer but this is a prorated type thing. They figure you at least got the four years out of the machine and that is worth something.

As far as the part goes you have to but the entire spin basket. I looked it up and it cost $485 this is outrageous and I would recommend a new washer before putting this much into part. I rarely recommend buying new rather than repair (after all I am a repairman running a repair website) but this is way too much to put into this machine. Not to mention the other parts you may have to replace.

Thank you,

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Apr 06, 2014
Same Problem
by: Anonymous

I had the same problem with my GE GCVH6260. One of the three spokes at the rear of the 'inner basket assembly' is cracked. Seems like a design problem. You would think that you could just buy the actual three spoke 'wheel' but they have it welded to the 'inner basket assembly'. $500 part - Nuts.

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