Burning rubber smell

by Tracy R
(Winnipeg, Canada)

When my Maytag washer (Model No. A7400) enters the spin cycle, I have a burning rubber smell. I have tried replacing both of the belts but I still have the same smell. Please help. My laundry is piling up!

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I am assuming that it isn’t spinning properly as well as the smell.

There are a few things that can cause this and they are: a leaking tub seal, tight belt, hung pump, bad pump or the motor rollers.

The first thing to check to the belt tension if the tension is too tight the motor belt will not turn it will just sit there with the motor running so you will get the burning rubber smell from the belt. There is a picture on this page that shows how the belt should have play Maytag Washer Repair

Next make sure the motor is free to move back and forth on the rollers it is mounted to. If not you may need new rollers. Note that it will have some resistance because of a spring but it should move.

Next remove the pump belt and see if the pump if free to turn. If not see if there is something hung in the pump or the pump may just be hard to turn. If there is something in the pump, remove it and if the pump is just hard to turn replace the pump.

Take the front off the washer and start the washer watch for a small leak where the transmission enters the tub. If at anytime during the cycle you see one drop of water come from that seal you have a leaking tub seal. When the tub seal leaks the spin bearing will rust and eventually the washer will not spin and you will smell the burning belt. This page shows how to replace the tub seal Maytag Tub Seal Replacement Note that this is the most likely scenario so you may consider checking this first or after you check the belt tension.

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