Whirlpool Washer Parts

Images and descriptions of common Whirlpool washer parts that I describe how to diagnose in my washer repair guide.

Note that in most cases it is best to order parts by model number!!

Lid switch

The lid switch is a common washer part. There are two main lid switches for Whirlpool washers. On one switch the plug ends are round and on the other switch the plug ends are flat. The part number for the flat one is 3949247 Order Here and for the round one is 285671 Order Here . Note that one of these two lid switches will work for most Whirlpool washers but as always, there are some exceptions, so if you are not sure order by model number.

This page shows how to check and replace Whirlpool washer lid switches.


The coupling is a common washer part. The coupling connects the motor to the transmission on direct drive Whirlpool washers. Most of the washers that Whirlpool made since sometime in the 80’s are direct drive. There is only one coupling that fits all of these washers and the part number is 285753. Buy Whirlpool couplings here, part number 285753.


The pump is another common washer part. There are two pumps that will work on most Whirlpool washers. One has a check valve in the outlet and the outlet hose is oversized. The part number for this one is 3363892. The other has a smaller outlet with no check valve. This is the most common pump and the part number is 3363394. Note that if you are not sure which pump your washer needs, order it by model number. Water pumps can be purchased at AppliancePartsPros.com

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