Whirlpool Duet Front-Loading Washer Not Running Repair Guide

If your Whirlpool duet front-loading washer is not running there could be a number of things that could cause this. Typically if this washer will not run there will be a fault code displayed in the control panel. Below are common causes for this problem along with the fault code that may be displayed.

Note that all the fault codes are not listed and not all the problems listed below will cause a fault code to appear. For a complete listing of fault codes for this washer there should be a mini manual in the bottom of the washer behind the bottom front panel.

No Water
Code F/H

If no water is detected in the machine after around 30 seconds, the control will display this code. Check to be sure there is water coming to the washer. Check the strainers in the inlet hoses and water valve. To do so, turn the water off and disconnect the water inlet hoses. On one end of each of the inlet hoses there may be a strainer. Check that strainer to see if it is clogged and if it is, clean it or replace it. In the water valve you should see strainers if they are clogged you might be able to clean them but I caution you do not remove these strainers, as they are there to prevent trash from entering the water valve that could cause the valve to stick, which could lead to flooding your floor. If you do not find any clogged strainers and you have good water pressure to the washer replace the water valve. If you are getting this code and water is coming in the washer it may not be draining properly. Use the link below to learn more on this.

Front-loading washer Not Draining

Code F/09

If this code appears in the display of your Whirlpool duet washer it is in an overflow mode or panic mode as I call it. This means the water pump will run constantly even if you press cancel and the display is cleared. If this code appears in the display and water is in the tub but it is not draining. Click on the link above to learn more on this.

If this code appears and the washer is draining, look through the door to see if water is entering the washer. If water is entering the tub unplug the washer and if water continues to enter the tub turn the water off and replace the water valve. Whirlpool Duet Washer Parts

Tub Overload
Code SUD

This code actually stands for too much suds in the tub on Whirlpool duet front-loading washers. But all it really means is that the motor is drawing too much current, which can be caused by excessive suds or an extra heavy load. It could also mean that the washer isn’t draining properly click the link above to learn more on this. If this code is displayed and there are a lot of suds in the tub, cut down on the amount of detergent or start using HE detergent (highly recommended).

Click here to learn why HE detergent is better for front-loading washers. If this code appears while you are washing an extra heavy load remove the load, clear the display and retry with a lighter load. Duet Washer Parts

Door Will Not Lock
Code F/DL

This is a very common problem with Whirlpool duet front-loading washers. The first thing you need to do is to make sure the door is closed all the way. Clear the code by clearing the control. Then restart the washer and shortly after you should hear clicks coming from the washer. This is the washer attempting to lock the door and will do so 6 times before displaying the code. After you hear the clicks, pull on the door to see if the door is locked or not.

If the door isn’t locked remove the top off the washer. Once done you should see the main control or CCU as Whirlpool calls it. On that control you should see 10 plugs on the front lip of the control. Counting from left to right the sixth plug is the door solenoid plug. Make sure that plug is connected on the board good. Also make sure that plug 8 is connected well, in fact make sure all of them are connected but these are the ones that will cause this problem. After doing this clear the display and attempt to use the washer again. If the washer works after doing this I recommend using tie straps to hold the plugs in place. I do this by wrapping two tie straps around the entire control the long way so that one strap holds all the bottom plugs in and the other holds the top plugs in. Note that one tie strap typically isn’t long enough to wrap around the control so you may have to connect two together. Also look down in the washer and make sure the wires on the door latch are plugged in good.

Once you are done plugging in the wires good try the washer again. If it still doesn’t work you need to test ohms across the door lock solenoid coils. To check this, first disconnect power from the washer. Then disconnect the plug that connects to the solenoid coils which is the sixth plug from the left. The plug should have three wires. The wire on the far left is common. This means that both solenoid coils connect to that terminal. Using your ohmmeter, check ohms from the far left wire to each of the other wires. There should be approximately 60 ohms to each wire. If not, replace the door latch. If the coils check ok it is possible the door latch can still be the problem but it is likely the main control (CCU).

If the door is locking but you are still getting the F/DL code you need to check the door switches. To check this, disconnect the power from the washer. Then disconnect the plug that connects to the door switches, which is the eighth plug from the left. That plug has four wires. Check ohms between the two wires on the left and the two wires on the right. With the door locked the ohm reading should be near 0 ohms between each of the wires. Note that if the door isn’t locked, clear the code and start the washer and as soon as the door locks unplug the washer. If one or both of the switches are open (electrically) replace the door lock. If the door is locking and both of the switches check good (pass the ohms test) replace the main control (CCU). Whirlpool Duet Washer Parts

Door Locked

If the door is locked and will not open even after the cycle is done, obviously you can’t use the machine and it will not run because the door must be opened and closed at least once between cycles. If this is the case, you can manually open the door by removing the bottom panel off the washer. Then reaching up to the door lock and pulling the tab down until you hear the door unlock. Once done remove the top and check the door solenoids as described in the “door will not lock” section above. If the solenoids fail that ohms test replace the door lock and if they check ok replace the main control (CCU). Duet Washer Parts


If your Whirlpool duet front-loading washer isn’t running and you are not getting any codes and are not having a problem with the door lock, the belt may be broken or worn. To check this, remove the back of the washer and inspect the belt and if it is broken or worn, replace it. Often when the belt is broken or worn the large pulley is worn to the point that it is loose on the shaft, if so replace it. Duet Washer Parts

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