Why HE Detergent In Frontload Washers And HE Top Load Washers?      

Have you ever wondered why HE detergent is better or why manufactures recommend using this type of in frontload washers and high efficiency washers? This page will explain why. HE stands for high efficiency and in order for frontload washers and high efficiency washers to clean clothes effectively you must use HE (high efficiency) detergent. This type of detergent is not limited to frontload washers or high efficiency washers; it can also be used in top-loader washers as well. However, it will not increase the effectiveness of (non HE) top-loading washers. The only advantages to using this type detergent in top-loading washers is that you eliminate the chance of the washer leaking due to too much soapsuds and you can use less detergent with the same effectiveness.

Why Is HE Detergent Better?

The biggest difference between the two detergents is that the HE doesn’t create soapsuds and the regular detergent does. This is the reason HE is better. With regular detergent a certain percentage of the detergent forms soapsuds, which float on top of the water. Since none of the clothes are floating on top of the water these soapsuds do not contribute to cleaning the clothes. HE detergent doesn’t create any soapsuds; therefore 100% of the detergent is in the water where the clothes are. Thus 100% of the detergent contributes to getting the clothes clean. This means that you can use less detergent with the same effectiveness.

Why Use HE Detergent?

As I stated before in order for frontload washers and high efficiency washers to wash clothes effectively, you mush use HE detergent.

The soapsuds created by regular detergent hamper the washing action of these washers. We have always known that in order to get clothes clean they must rub up against something.

This goes back as far as we have washed clothes even before washing machines. First we would rub our wet clothes on a rock then we got real fancy and invented a washboard. When washing machines first came out all they did was wash clothes by agitating them back and forth making them rub against the side of the tub, each other and the agitator.

Once this was done you had to run them through a ringer to squeeze the water out. Then they came out with washers that would spin out the water but the washing action was still the same and the same washing action is still used today in top-loading washers. With this type of washing action the clothes are completely submerged in the water so it didn’t matter if soapsuds were there or not.

With frontload washers and high efficiency top-load washers the clothes are not completely submerged in the water so the soapsuds can act like a cushion between the clothes and the tub so you are not getting the rubbing effect. Thus the clothes are not going to get clean, as they should.

Frontload washers tumble the clothes like a dryer. The washer tub is turned slow so that there is not enough centrifugal force to hold the clothes to the tub so when the clothes get to the top they fall to the bottom of the tub. The washing action is when they fall and hit the bottom of the tub. If there are soapsuds in between the tub and the clothes the soapsuds will cushion the fall hampering the wash action.

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