Whirlpool side by side ice maker not working

by David Bratton
(England, north linc's)

I have just moved into a property which has been vacant for 9 months and as a result the fridge has had no power to it..
On moving in we ran it up for 24 hours and all appeared to be ok, however the water filter light is flashing which is an obvious cure and the ice maker isn't making any ice, but the motor is turning ok
Is the filter issue affecting the ice maker?


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Hi David,

Most of the filter indicator lights are timed to light up every six months or so to let you know to change the filter. If it has been a lot over six months since the filter has been changed the filter will clog and you will not get water through the door. Change the filter and the icemaker may go back to work.

Also a common thing that can occur when people are moving in and out of a home is the water can get cut off before the refrigerator is turned off (or vice versa). What happens in this scenario is the tube that feeds the icemaker water will clog with ice. If this is the case clean the ice out and the refrigerator will most likely be repaired and if it does it again replace the water valve because it will also cause this problem.

Thank you,

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re: ice maker not working
by: David Bratton

thanks for the reply Shawn..
However i have replaced the filter and the replace filter light is still flashing red along with the whole display flashing, and the ice maker still fails to provide ice, water is delivered through the water dispenser ok??
I have pressed the rest button on the display but this achieved nothing

please help
model No S20CCSS31

Check the Tube
by: Shawn/admin

Did you check the line that feeds the icemaker water to see if it is clogged with ice? If not do so.

The entire control flashing suggest that the controls are locked. I don’t know if this model has a lock or not because that is either the wrong model number or I can’t look it up for some reason. If there is a button that says lock try holding that button to unlock the controls.

The controls may or may not be working but I don’t think it has anything to do with the icemaker. Please recheck the model number.

whirlpool side-by-side ice maker not working
by: Anonymous

ice bin on door, will not make ice, replaced water filter and inlet valve, made 1 tray of ice then nothing. how do i remove the ice maker so i can jumper as recommended on your fix it page?

by: Shawn

On the models with the ice-bin mounted in the door the jumper wire test is almost useless, because it is very hard to make it work. If it made one dropping you can be almost sure the emitter and receiver boards (optics) are good, you know the water valve is good so the only thing is the icemaker. The motor modular could be bad but is unlikely since it did dump one time.

by: Anonymous

Well ice maker stopped working, began with water on floor. ice maker will cycle when jumped but don't hear the water enter the tube when cycled thru. There is a limite water supply to the dispenser. Is water filter problem or a solenoiod problem or other?

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