whirlpool side by side ed5vhgxml10

by BLamar
(Mountain House, ca. USA)

my whirlpool ed5vhgxml10 side by side started getting warm then cold again,
refer goes from 33 to 48, freezer goes from 10 to 33,(at the same time of course) in cycles maybe 8 hrs warm then cold, cleaned everything,have the thermostat set at next to max setting to keep stuff from thawing in the night, seems to be getting warmer at times, runs most of the time then shuts down & warms up, then repeats. the only coils I can clean are on the bottom near the floor, no ice build up. drip pan has abou 1/2 water.

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Hi BLamar,

First check the basics such as the fan in the freezer and the fan near the compressor. Both should be running when the compressor is running.

It seems like the refrigerator has a long off cycle but when it is running it is cooling fine. The cold control could cause this problem.


Thank you,

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Apr 16, 2011

This morning it had warmed back up again, I opened the door & tapped a couple of times near the contrl knob & I could here it start up, so I'll change the thermostat & see if that works.
Thanks again

Apr 17, 2011
by: Shawn/admin

Yes, if you tapped on the control you can be almost sure it is bad.

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