Whirlpool Refrigerator ET18GKXDN

the freeze is freezing and frosting up, the botton is not cooling and water has run down in the vegtable ben.

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It seems like it has a defrost problem. To check to see if you have a defrost problem look on the back wall of the freezer, if it is heavy frost along the back wall then you have a defrost problem. There are three things that will cause a defrost problem the defrost heater, defrost thermostat and the defrost timer.

You will have to check the thermostat before you melt the ice or wait for it to get back cold because it will be open if it is over 50 degrees or so. If it is cold and it still checks open with an ohmmeter it is bad.

You can check the heater with an ohmmeter; if it is open or grounded out replace it.

Basically if the heater and the thermostat are ok replace the timer.

If it is not a defrost problem then I believe you have a clogged drain. What will happen, if you have a clogged drain then water will back up, freeze and clog the airflow vents. This will also cause it to leak under the vegetable bins. Melt all the ice out of the vents and clear the drain. The best way to clear the drain is the force hot water down the drain with a turkey baser until water flows freely. Once water flows freely pour baking mixed with water down the drain.

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